Stores with History

Stores with History

Souvenirs stored in a packet of ground coffee, in a tin of preserves, in a handmade candle, in a bottle of sour cherry liquor

Shopping in the city of Lisbon can be a pleasant and unique experience if you visit stores with history, which in some cases are located in buildings from the Pombaline period (18th century) and previous periods.

Over many generations, some customs have become part of being Portuguese, for example, the memories associated with the unmistakable aroma of freshly ground coffee, for sale in batches house-made or just in time trough customer order, it’s the customer's choice.


Also, the view of shelves filled with wines, spirits, liqueurs, and other related articles from Portuguese brands are always in the shopping paths in Lisbon.

In addition to these products, you can find shops with hand-made reproductions of old wooden and tin toys, a hospital of dolls, the last glove store in Portugal, with its design and the majority of gloves manufactured by the shop, food products stores of Portuguese brands with a reproduction of the original packaging, and much more.


Unique stores will delight any visitor who wants to take a souvenir or buy a simple utility.

With a decisive role in the economic, social and cultural life of the city, the preservation of traditional trade, through the safeguarding of establishments and their material and historical heritage, became a priority for the City Council of Lisbon, and the Municipal Fund “Shops with History” was created.

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