The weather in Lisbon

Want to know when the is the best time to visit Lisbon? Just want to know what clothes you should bring in your suitcase for your visit to Lisbon? See weather forecast and weather information throughout the year in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the cities in Europe with the mildest climate, similar to that of the Mediterranean countries.

It is located in the centre of Portugal coast where the moderating effect of the Atlantic Ocean favours a mild temperature during almost every month of the year and moderate precipitation. It has a warm and temperate climate, with about 260 days of sunshine per year, some showers, and an average minimum spring temperature of 10ºC and maximum of almost 30ºC.

In May the maximum temperature on average is above 20ºC and in June rises to 25ºC. Rain is scarce on these months.

July and August are quite sunny, warm and dry, with an average maximum temperature of 28ºC.

September is not too hot, with an average maximum temperature of 26ºC and little rain.

October is also a relatively mild month.

Winters have an average minimum temperature of 8ºC and a maximum of 15ºC, with many sunny days. Frost and snow are very rare in Lisbon.

Before travelling, you can learn about the current weather conditions in the Lisbon region. The 10-day and monthly forecasts, weather notices, information on sea conditions for beaches and ports, forecasts for navigation, and other information on the portal of the “Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera” (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere).