What you should do so that your best friend can accompany you on your visit to Lisbon

Travelling with Animals

Entry into Portugal of dogs and cats from the Member States of the European Union

Required the presentation of a passport issued by a duly authorised veterinarian which:

  • must contain the name and address of the owner;
  • attests that the animal is identified using a microchip (the device applied shall comply with ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 Annex A);
  • proves a valid anti-rabies vaccination/revaccination.

Entry Portugal of dogs and cats from countries outside the European Union

It is necessary to submit a Health Certificate issued/validated by the Official Veterinary Authority of the country of provenance (accompanied by evidence of vaccinations, and where appropriate antibody titration). The certificate shall certify:

  • identification using a microchip (the device applied shall comply with ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 Annex A);
  • a valid anti-rabies vaccination/revaccination.

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Movement of pets

Pets are allowed to stay in enclosed spaces, subject to authorization from the operator of the establishment

In Portugal, the stay of pet animals in enclosed spaces is allowed, subject to the authorization of the operator of the establishment expressed using a visible sign affixed to the entrance of the establishment. The entry of assistance dogs is always allowed, provided that the owners of these animals fulfil the legal obligations.

Users of public transport are also allowed to carry pets, subject to specific rules, to safeguard the protection of pets and the safety of persons and other animals.

Animals considered dangerous and potentially dangerous may not enter public transportation.

Information on animal transport in public transport:

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Healthcare assistance

If your pet needs medical assistance, you can resort to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Animal Welfare

Visit the area in the themes of the city and learn more about our work with Pets.

See also more information that may interest you to integrate your pet into the life of the city.