Public transport in Lisbon

Simple and convenient

As a tourist or as a resident, public transport may be the smartest option to get around the city due to the problems a car can bring. Find out here some useful information about the different public transport options in Lisbon

Tickets and Payment

Choose the most convenient option according to your use of public transport in Lisbon

Unlimited usage

The most convenient option for visitors is the Viva Viagem card. It is a rechargeable card necessary for the use of the metro but can also be used in the Carris buses, trams and lifts of Lisbon. About “Viva Viagem”.

There are also other types of transport tickets, electronic tickets or on-board tickets, which may be an option for occasional use and that you can learn about on “Portal Viva”.

Payment Methods

Pre-purchased tickets can be loaded on a special card at ticket offices and service stations of transport operators, at the vending machines of CP (Trains), Lisbon Metro, etc., with money or debit card.Discount on public transportation and daily passes for visitors

Depending on your travel plans and the length of your stay, the Lisboa Card is ideal for visitors to Lisbon looking to make the most of their visit.

This card allows free access to the Carris and Metro, Sintra and Cascais trains and also to Museums and Monuments with discounts up to 50%. About Lisboa Card.

Means of transport

The various neighbourhoods of the city are connected by an extensive integrated and functional public transport network

Other means

There is a wide range of means to go around and visit Lisbon

Freely or with itinerary proposals you will find a wide variety of options to get to know the city: Bicycle, Scooter, Motorcycle, Tuk Tuk, Sidecar, Segway, Sightseeing Bus,...

The Taxi Voucher ticket offers the guarantee of taxi transportation with fixed fare according to the selected route.

Around the city

Solutions for exploring the surroundings of the city

Transtejo Soflusa Website

River transport

Public transportation of passengers and vehicles on ferries.

[Translate to En:] ir para o website: Comboios de Portugal


Urban, Intercity, Regional and International trains.

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Several bus companies allow you to explore the surroundings of Lisbon with ease and comfort.